Guest Information

Welcome to the Cairns Aquarius Holiday Apartments. 

We are here to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Your hosts, Richard and Theona, live offsite, but visit daily and are available to address any problems, issues or questions.

  • Contact us: Routine enquiries: text: +61483925209 or email: [email protected] 
  • Urgent enquiries: phone: 0740518444 or call ‘9’ from your apartment phone. Ensure you leave a detailed message including your best contact number and the nature of the enquiry.

Air conditioning 

Each apartment is individually air conditioned for your convenience. All windows and doors must be closed when the air conditioning is turned on. When you are not occupying the apartment, please turn off all air conditioners.


We have provided towels, soap, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, toilet paper, dishwasher, and laundry powder with our compliments. If you require more of these items, they can be purchased from the nearby supermarkets.

BBQ and pool

Two swimming pools are located on level M. Pool hours are between 7am and 9pm. No glass is allowed in the pool area. A barbecue is also located on the Mezzanine level (M) and is free for you to use. Please remember to turn off the gas bottle after use.

Cairns Lagoon

Cairns Lagoon (turn right as you exit the building) is filled with salt water from the Trinity Inlet which is filtered through a state-of-the-art filtration system. Swimming and electric BBQs are free. Toilet and shower facilities are in the amenities block alongside the Lagoon. Lifeguards are on duty while the Lagoon is open.

Cooking in your apartment

Please ensure that your use the exhaust fan (if fitted) during cooking and that excessive smoke is prevented from activating the fire alarm.

Car parking

A car parking space is allocated to your apartment and is located at the rear of the building (vehicle access from Abbott Street). When you enter the driveway stay on the right-hand side, swipe your key fob on the box just after the rubbish bins and this will release the roller door. Your parking space is numbered and is the same as your room number.


A washing machine and dryer are provided in your apartment, together with a small supply of laundry detergent. Please refrain from hanging towels or other articles over the balcony railing.

Muddy’s playground

Muddy’s playground is located mid-way along the esplanade (left as you exit the building) and is open every day of the year between 9am and 7pm (including public holidays and weekends). Muddy’s is a modern, fun, safe, splash playground and parkland. It incorporates active, passive, interactive and educational facilities with a combination of play equipment.


A small rubbish chute is located in a room beside the lifts on every level. There are also small bins for recycling. Larger quantities of rubbish must be disposed of in the industrial bins located outside the car park roller door. Remember to remove all rubbish before you check out.


Please ensure that you close balcony doors and lock your apartment when you go out.


Your apartment will not be serviced during your stay unless you are staying more than seven nights. Apartments can be serviced on request (24-hours’ notice required and charges will apply)


This is a no smoking building. Smoking is not permitted in any indoor or outdoor area.


Woolworths is located on Abbott Street, 2 blocks to the south and an easy walk. A small supermarket (IGA) and a bottle shop are located just around the corner (turn right as you exit the building).

Tennis court

Rackets and balls can be found adjacent to the lift on the mezzanine level. Please return after use.

Trolleys and luggage

A luggage trolley is provided in the car park to assist with moving luggage. Please return after use. There are no luggage storage facilities on site.